About FFDW
Building and supporting the decentralized community
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to ensure the permanent preservation of humanity’s most important information by stewarding the development of open-source software and open protocols for decentralized data storage and retrieval networks.
Promise > Vision
We exist to advance humankind by bringing Web3 to life through education, research, and development.
Where open minds, open source, and open protocols, meet.
On today’s centralized web, a handful of corporations own the majority of the global cloud data storage market. But humanity’s most important information should never be compromised, abused, or ruled by any single entity.

We want the web to continue to grow and flourish and we believe that the more people, teams, organizations support a project, the more likely it is to succeed. FFDW sees Filecoin as a foundational technology for the broader decentralized web ecosystem and seeks to support that entire decentralized web community.
Board of Directors
Determined to bring Web3 to life, FFDW’s board brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide our work.
Marta Belcher General Counsel, Protocol Labs
Marta Belcher is the General Counsel and Head of Policy at Protocol Labs and the Board Chair of the Filecoin Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web. She also serves as special counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Marta is a pioneer in cryptocurrency law and has spoken on the topic around the world, including in U.S. Congress, European Parliament, the New York Senate, the OECD, and in Davos during the World Economic Forum. Marta has drafted amicus briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. appellate courts for high-profile public interest organizations, including EFF, the Center for Democracy & Technology, Public Knowledge, the Cato Institute, the National Consumers' League, Project Gutenberg, and the Blockchain Association. Marta has been recognized twice by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer awards, was named to Law360's list of Top Attorneys Under 40, and was #18 on CryptoWeekly’s list of Most Influential Women in Crypto.
Rainey Reitman Internet Activist
Rainey Reitman is a digital rights activist and writer based in San Francisco, CA. A passionate advocate for individual privacy and government transparency, Reitman has worked for the civil liberties nonprofit the Electronic Frontier Foundation since 2010, first as their Activism Director and currently as Chief Program Officer. She is a board member and co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization that protects, defends, and empowers public-interest journalism in the 21st century.

Previously, Reitman was a co-founder and steering committee member for the Chelsea Manning Support Network, served on the board of directors for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and served as Director of Communications for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Reitman has dedicated her career to creating informed and powerful movements of technology users who can organize to defend free expression, preserve privacy, oppose government overreach, and build a digital future that respects and upholds human rights.
Brian Behlendorf General Manager, Open Source Security Foundation
Brian Behlendorf has been an advocate for open technologies and the role they can play in a more advanced and just society for nearly 30 years. He is general manager of the Open Source Security Foundation. Previously, he was executive director for Hyperledger, an initiative hosted at the Linux Foundation, and actively advising and growing other LF initiatives around supply chain traceability, public health, identity, and more. He serves on the boards of director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (since 2013) and the Mozilla Foundation (since 2003), defending the fight for the open web and a human rights centered Internet.

He also chairs the technical advisory council for ID2020. Previously he has served as the Chief Technology Officer for the World Economic Forum, advised the Obama administration through the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, and co-founded a series of companies in the open source software domain. Oh, and many moons ago he co-founded the Apache web server project, which he shepherded into the 501c3 Apache Software Foundation.
Kristin Smith Executive Director, Blockchain Association
Kristin is the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, the Washington DC-based trade association representing the most prominent and reputable organizations in the crypto industry. The mission of the Blockchain Association is to improve the public policy environment so that blockchain networks can thrive in the United States. Kristin sets the association’s public policy strategy and leads engagement with industry and outreach to policymakers.

Prior to leading the Blockchain Association, Kristin assisted blockchain and technology companies achieve their public policy objectives in Washington. She served as a Senate and congressional aide on Capitol Hill for nearly ten years, much of which was spent focusing on technology policy. She co-founded HODLpac and serves on the organization’s board of directors. Kristin is also featured on Fortune’s 2020 40 Under 40 list.
FFDW has assembled an outstanding group of advisors.
Sheila Warren Head of Blockchain and Data Policy, World Economic Forum
Brewster Kahle Founder, Internet Archive
Joe Lubin Founder of ConsenSys, Cofounder of Ethereum
Wendy Hanamura Director of Partnerships, Internet Archive
Georgia Quinn General Counsel, Anchorage
Alex Feerst CEO, Murmuration Labs
Sandra Ro CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council
Katie Biber General Counsel, Brex
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web is hiring for roles as we build, support, and fund projects advancing the DWeb.
Decentralized Space Developer (Remote)
We are looking for a passionate individual to lead the technical work on Filecoin Foundation’s project with Lockheed Martin to bring IPFS to space, where we will be transforming how data is shared in the space economy. You will be a part of the Browsers and Platforms team, promoting and growing the adoption of IPFS in the space industry through design, integrations and applications of the technology, development, and external collaborations and partnerships. Strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills in addition to being able to prioritize your work effectively will be the key to success in this role. If you are passionate about the decentralized web and information accessibility and have experience as a team lead, solutions engineer, or a senior developer – we want to hear from you!
Events Coordinator (Remote)
The Events Coordinator is a key role in our work to grow the Filecoin community. You will be on the front line, creating and contributing to events that bring together Filecoin stakeholders, teach others about the decentralized web, and strengthen the network. Working closely with the Head of Events and the Events Lead, you will work across the entire organization to plan and execute events that support our mission. You will also support our participation at other events, including logistical, staffing and messaging needs. This role requires keen attention to detail, prioritization and detailed communication and follow-through.
Security Operations Engineer (Remote)
As a Security Operations Engineer, you will play a key role in ensuring and enhancing the security of the Filecoin Ecosystem and Filecoin Foundation. Joining the security team, you will help identify potential security concerns, respond to security incidents, and ensure adherence to security best practices across the foundation. The ideal candidate has a solid understanding of information security fundamentals, a variety of IT skills, and is looking to take their career towards more autonomy, diverse responsibilities, and decentralization. Successful candidates will exhibit exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in order to work and liaise with multiple different teams with ease. Attention to detail and the ability to shift priorities seamlessly will also be key in this role, as you must balance time-sensitive tasks alongside your everyday responsibilities. If you are passionate about cybersecurity and the decentralized web, this might be the position for you.